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Bring me the head of Jon Corzine

MF Global went bankrupt on Halloween and six weeks later, no one knows nothing.  Well, not exactly. We know the firm’s segregated funds weren’t so segregated after all.  Maybe $600 million.  Probably closer to $1.2 billion.  Definitely no surprise if it turns out to be an even greater amount. We know confidence in the futures trading industry is pretty well shot. We know Jon...

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U.S. Economy continues to slog along

I’ll frequently visit for news updates and today’s front page was a bit disconcerting, if not shocking.  Not much good news for the United States economy: jobless claims unexpectedly jump productivity slowed, labor costs rose consumer comfort falls The U.S. economy.  Feel the excitement! I’m laying the sarcasm on pretty thick, and sure, while there will always...

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